Delegate Your Way to a Wonderful Day

One of the most terrifying prospects for soon-to-be newly weds is the idea of letting go of some of the control over their wedding day. While I am not recommending you allow someone else to make major decisions, such as your wedding colors or menu, certain items and activities that need to happen on your special day can be left to your most trusted. By releasing some of your burdens, you can make sure you have a more relaxing and enjoyable wedding day experience.

from-Mary-Hill-BethMarkCar-in-FrontThe Processional

As the ceremony approaches, you should have the opportunity to relish in your impending nuptials, not stressing about the processional. Have a trusted member of your bridal party guide the timing of this part of the ceremony, such as the maid of honor. You can go over the details with them at the rehearsal dinner, as far as how you envision the timing, and then leave it in their capable hands. You have chosen them to be by your side on this important day for a reason. Let them help you corral the ring bearer and keep the flower girl moving. This same advice can be used to ensure that especially honored guests are assisted to their seats.

The Ceremony

You may need to enlist the assistance of a friend or family member during the ceremony. Whether it is to make sure a particular wedding guest is not ruining opportunities for the best Phoenix wedding photographer check out Saiaf Films by jumping into the aisle, or making sure that potentially disruptive guests are addresses appropriately, knowing that you can put your focus solely on your partner will allow you a small sigh of relief.

If you are particularly concerned about children becoming uncomfortable during the ceremony, see is there is an appropriate space near your venue that can be used as a short-term childcare space. You may even be able to hire a local babysitter or two to keep an eye on the children. This frees up your friends and families so that can enjoy the ceremony without any worries.


The Reception

Make sure to setup your reception for success ahead of time. You have the ability to restrict the activities of those who have not paid for the event. You may want to provide the DJ or Band with a “no-play” list, and include any songs you prefer not be played. Let your caterer know prior to the event if there may be special requests they need to accommodate, such as having a vegetarian meal option available. You should also make sure they know who to turn to if someone is harassing them with unreasonable requests regarding the meal.